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Meet the Maverick Apparel Co. Team


Ownership Team:

Brian P. 
Founder / Owner

About Brian:

What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about my family & friends, music, concerts & good beer. I'm also a passionate aviation geek.

What made you start Maverick Apparel Co.? My business partner & good friend, Jesse, and I wanted to provide cool, unique apparel & products for those who shared the same things we were passionate about...primarily music & bands. We wanted to use our brand as a platform to also help promote up and coming bands and their music. We wanted to build a brand that was not like the majority of the mainstream brands out there, so we created Maverick Apparel Co.

What makes you a Maverick? I'm not one to follow the crowd. I have always done things my way, or at least in the way that I thought would lead to the best outcome. I’ve always tried to do things differently than the mainstream...that was a major driver for creating the Maverick brand.

What do you do in your free time? I really enjoy spending time with my family & friends...any opportunity to get together and spend with them is priceless. I frequently attend as many concerts as I can in my free time, as well as checking out local spots or seeing local live music.

What's your favorite band? That's tough... I enjoy music from a wide variety of genres...Hard Rock, Reggae, Alternative among a few others. I have always loved music because it brings people together and has a way of bringing us back to a special time or memory in our lives. I would say that, growing up and listening to a lot of the 90s rock & grunge during high school, my favorite would be Alice in Chains.

What’s currently in your playlist? Currently I’ve got Alice in Chains, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Breaking Benjamin, Tom Petty, Rush, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Sevendust, Deftones, Josh Turner, Incubus, The Police & Weezer, among many others. I also have a lot of independent bands/music downloaded as well like SoulSwitch, Chout, 7 Stone Riot, Cody Weaver & Leaving Haven. All of the bands that we work with produce some really great music.


Jesse F.
Founder / Owner

About Jesse:

What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about my family and friends. I love to try different foods and drink good beer. Food, beer, and music brings us all together. I am also an aviation enthusiast who loves going to airshows.

What made you start Maverick Apparel Co.? My business partner & best friend, Brian, and I wanted to build something that was different than other brands out there. We wanted to build our own thing and pave way for our own path. We love music and the fact that it brings groups of people together.

What makes you a Maverick? I’m never afraid to stray from the norm, even if that means the occasional failure. A maverick is someone who doesn’t follow the crowd and isn’t afraid to be different.

What do you do in your free time? I love spending time with my family and friends. I love kayaking and mountain biking. I enjoy the local scene, whether its food, beers, or music. I love supporting local.

What's your favorite band? I don’t think I can really narrow it down to a favorite band. I love music. Different songs, bands, and genres trigger different memories. I love Reggae (all forms), Hard Rock, Country, & Hip Hop.

What’s currently in your playlist? My current main playlist is filled with Shemanic Rootz, Collie Buddz, Chronixx, Rebelution, Stick Figure, Tribal Seeds, & Hirie. I also love to listen to and support our Maverick endorsed bands, such as, Leaving Haven, SoulSwitch, Days to Come, & Thousand Frames.


  Creative / Brand Team:

Ketzya R.
Graphic Design / Apparel Designer

About Ketzya:

What are you passionate about? I used to think I was passionate about my work/ career, but as I got older I realized I have become more passionate about being happy and doing things that make me happy. In turn things like design and music are a big part of that.

What do you like about doing graphic design? I like the creative aspect of it. The part where u make something that was in your head or someone else’s head come to reality is probably the most amazing part of designing. Like when a client is super stoked on a design I created for them it always makes the time spent on it worth it. 

How would you describe your style (in graphic design)? I really don’t have a specific style. I kinda jump around. I can design in a comic books/ animated feel or a realistic modern feel. It’s honestly all gauges by what I think will sell or is relevant at that time. 

What makes you a Maverick? I guess I’ve always been one to do what I want and get to where I wanna be by taking chances and expressing myself thru my art. Also teaming up with kick ass brands like Maverick ;)

What's your favorite band? Man, favorite band, that’s a super hard one since I love all genres of music. I’d have to say all time fav OG would have to be Tool. As far as bands or musicians I’m digging right now FKJ, Tom Misch and Tame Impala. 

What’s currently in your playlist? Currently I’ve got some Tash Sultana, Rufus Du Sol, Killswitch, and Odesza 


Kara Robinson
Maverick Photographer

About Kara:

What are you passionate about? Capturing emotion has always been my goal as a photographer. Whether I'm shooting a fast-paced concert or a sleeping newborn baby, my signature image should evoke feeling within the viewer.

What is your favorite part about photographing concerts? Music has always been a passion of mine. I studied Commercial Music at FSU and have been a singer since childhood. The photo pit combines both of my loves. I describe live music photography as "Cross Fit in the pit", because it requires Spiderman-like agility and camera mastery in the dark. Plus, I LOVE our O-Town Photo Pit Crew - there's so much talent and mutual respect in Central Florida.

What makes you a Maverick? I've been shooting concerts for over a decade, and until three years ago I NEVER once worked alongside a female photographer. Certain men in the photo pit made assumptions about me based on my appearance, and even questioned my credentials. It took many years, but today people know me by my work - not just the fact that I'm a blonde female.

What do you do in your free time? With four kids, I rarely get any! However, I started competitive Tarpon fishing a few years ago and am slightly addicted! During the season, I train in Boca Grande, FL with my teammates and Captain as part of Team Faithful II. I'm still learning but I LOVE it! I also enjoy cooking Thai and Mexican food, and would challenge anyone to make a better guacamole or hummus than I do.

What's your favorite band? Rush. Hands down, I've been known to follow them on tour when possible!! And no, sadly I have not photographed OR met them...yet. Anytime I drive to the beach, I play the entire "Roll the Bones" album. "Bravado" is a top five song for me. I'm a sucker for a good rock ballad.

What’s currently in your playlist? 
I'm mostly a straight up rock girl, but I also love (and work in) the alternative scene. Acoustic guitar is also close to my heart. A few of my favorite artists (besides Rush) include:
  • Butch Walker - No words to describe his brilliance as a performer, songwriter and producer. "Mixtape" and "Best Thing You Never Had" are on rotation often.
  • Nine Inch Nails - In 1990, I attended the Pretty Hate Machine Tour at a small venue in Orlando. I LOVE "Something I Can Never Have".
  • Alter Bridge - They currently hold the #1 spot on Billboard this week, woohoo! Favorite songs from them are "Blackbird", "Ghost of Days Gone By", and "Don't Close Your Eyes".
  • Tremonti - "Unable to See", "Dust" and "The First the Last" are my top three.


Kendall A. Telep
Maverick Photographer


About Kendall:

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I am currently in school for Entertainment Management and I’m obsessed with going to shows and discovering new music. I am also a huge cinema lover and have a huge talent of knowing all the lines to almost any movie I’ve seen. My biggest love is photography since I was 12 and I’m so happy I have found my place as a concert photographer! 

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about photography, film, and music. Anything that involves being able to relate and connect with other people who have gone through the same issues as you, but projecting it in those different ways is super inspiring and unique. I love storytellers.

What is your favorite part of photographing bands / concerts?
The unexpected! Anything can happen during a concert and being able to capture those unplanned moments/reactions is so rad. The energy of the bands and audience makes the job 10x more fun. It never feels like work. 

What makes you a Maverick?
I truly believe in representing and supporting local/underground artists! So many people miles away from us have the talent of the people on the top charts and its import to represent them and get their music heard! 

What's your favorite band?
Oh gosh that’s tough. I would have to say Fleet Foxes. 

What’s currently in your playlist?
Mt. Joy, Badflower, The Black Keys, Delta Spirit, and Jimmy Hendrix’s Blue Record.


Supa Dave
Maverick Brand Ambassador / Band Liaison

Supa Dave, an on air personality & host of "Native Noise" on 101.1 WJRR The Rock Station, serves as one of our Brand Ambassadors. For the past 11 years, Supa Dave has hosted "Native Noise", one of the only shows on radio in the state of Florida to feature an entire program dedicated to promoting local bands and music. His passion for supporting independent, up & coming local music totally aligns with our mission... making Supa the ultimate Badass! 


Technical / Engineering:

Erik Vincent
Head Engineer (Guitar Effects, Web, etc)

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About Erik:

What are you passionate about? Guitar & bass driven music and most things "80's".

What do you like about engineering? The process of creating something 'new" with electronics. I love reverse engineering stuff, like guitar pedals and other electronics.

What makes you a Maverick? Taking things I have learned in industrial, non-music related, electronics and applying them to guitar and bass music effects. I like being different, creating something new and better.

What do you do in your free time? Record music and spend time with my family.

What's your favorite band? It's a rotating list....Opeth, Rush, Metallica, Testament, Immortal, Fear Factory, Borknagar, Covet, etc.

What’s currently in your playlist? Currently Borknagar "Winter Thrice" is on rotation in my playlist.


 The Maverick Team - Brian & Jesse with Jimmy Kwong of SoulSwitch